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April Reading Reccomendations

Published: at 08:20 AM

A bit short this month because I just haven’t remembered to read that much.t


We can have a different web - Molly White

I guess there is a theme with my recent reading lists. Maybe I am getting old and nostalgic, but I don’t really think so, I’m not a very nostalgic or sentimental person. The web needs to return to a more healthy state. The walled gardens need to come down, or we have to move out of them.

Passkeys: A Shattered Dream

A sad explanation of how we have failed to implement passkeys because of a desire to capture markets and promote hype. Passkeys have become another tool to capture people into a walled garden. I guess passwords and obnoxious two factor apps are here to stay.


The Sunlit Man - Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson released a kickstarter with four new books, and this is one of the ones released as part of that. Of those four books this is the best one of those, maybe tied with Tress of the Emerald Sea. I absolutely recommend it, especially for fans of Sanderson and the Cosmere.