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May Reading Recommendations

Published: at 10:30 AM

Internet stuff

We need to rewild the internet

A long but good post about how we might save the internet from the monopolies that are currently trying (and in large part succeeding) in controlling the internet. The post draws a parallel between

Rewilding is a positive vision for the networks we want to live inside, and a shared story for how we get there. It grafts a new tree onto technology’s tired old stock.

Manifesto for a Humane Web

The web has become hostile. We are tracked everywhere, cookie banners, ads, popups for newsletters. Its not a pleasant experience to do anything on most websites. The web should be about human to human interaction, not for machines to force ads down our throats. This site is a manifesto for a better web.

Developer stuff

A brief history of web development

This is a pretty good summary of why web development looks the way it does today. I think it is a useful read for developers who weren’t around for many of these changes. If you only learned the React way of doing things, I think it is useful to take a step back and look at how things used to be done. There is a lot to learn there.

Commit messages

Simon Thathmam writes about how to write good commit messages. It is a very thorough and good post.

The Gap - An exploration of the pain points that CSS gap solves

An interactive and well written guide on what pain points the new CSS gap solves. I have recently started using gap quite a bit more, and have consulted this guide quite a bit.

Platform Strategy

I held a lightning talk on why you might want to have a developer platform at an internal conference and this book was very useful. I havent finished reading it all yet, but the content in it has been very useful. The book goes through various types of platforms, and the strategies you might take in building one.